ETF Trading Research 1/31/2019

We did get up to 2709 after hours and looking for a top tomorrow to get short again. Market has been resilient to say the least, and for that matter oil back up and gold too. This should all change tomorrow for a bit.

DUST is 5 days now in the Cold Corner. I have only had 2 ETFs last this long before a reversal in 3 years. Thought it would reverse today but giving it a chance to tomorrow and bought JDST lower to make up for the stop outs we have had. No other calls today as the upside is limited and can’t call any shorts until I see more weakness or we hit 2740/2750. Then we load the boat till most likely Feb 5th short. 2650 first target.

Will be aggressive short if we get up to 2750. Otherwise half shares to start.




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