ETF Trading Research 1/6/2019

We had a good 3 days to start the week with a 30% cumulative move or about 3% on a 50k or 100k portfolio. We took the longs early and stuck with the big winner UGAZ early on and got back in after the data came out for a comeback on the hold into the data which whipsawed us out. Took the risk to hold over the weekend and so far that’s not panning out but we’ll see where we are by the open. I think the worst is behind us after 4 days in the Cold Corner and after a 10% move up getting a little reversal before the continued move higher.

UWT we have to be careful with now after 4 days in the hot corner. But oil should continue to move up with the market overall and the same goes with GUSH. Any reversal should be bought.

Futures are pointing higher and we have to lean long till we get to 2600 /ES and we may just continue to buy the dip for a bigger move up if the market wants to give us some signs of further strength and a new bullish trend.

Metals and miners might have a move to just over 1300 before the bigger pullback as I think money flows out of gold safe haven into the market.

See how it shakes out on Monday but so far, we’ll follow the reversals in oil and I think nat gas and the markets accordingly.


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