ETF Trading Research 11/20/2018

Got a streak going today and look to see it continue tomorrow, Friday and into next week. But we do have a most likely slow day tomorrow and a short trading day on Friday. We opened up lower and kept falling and bought the bottom of that market and rode it up. Tooks some decent profit in a couple trades but tomorrow I think we do even better as this market fell back end of day and we got conservative with only one SOXL trade and switched to a profit in DGAZ. We also got some good trades in JNUG and NUGT. UWT was a stinker at the open, falling with the market but got some from GUSH and think UWT gets it back for us tomorrow and the next week.


Economic Data For Tomorrow

Stock Market 
High degree odds we get long the market for more profit than today. Sentiment is low as can be. Oil ready for a big rebound. All should move up together. Even notice how CNBC doesn’t even talk about Bitcoin anymore. Lots of egg on their face there. They’ll be back when it is ready to move up but GBTC is under 5k now and where it should be kept an eye on.
Foreign Markets
Foreign markets should take off with U.S. markets tomorrow. BRZU, RUSL are my two favorites here.
Interest Rates
TMV should be the trade tomorrow.
Nat gas we will continue to whittle away at our loss shorting nat gas. Today we got a good return on DGAZ and we cannot forget about it. We sold at the right time too and tried once more for a flat trade end of day.
Got hit hard on UWT this morning and looking to get a big rebound now off this low of sentiment to get back the loss from the day and more. Should get GUSH going up as well. We most likely should not sell until we get the sell signal in DWT and DRIP now and even then hold on for more buying the dips.
Precious Metals and Mining
While we were due for a pullback in JNUG and NUGT, it really didn’t come until today and we could have rode DUST and JDST up but instead as we were trading the market long, bought the rebound in them. I like to think they are in buy the dip mode now. We’ll keep an eye on them too.


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