ETF Trading Research 12/06/2018

I’m having some issues with my data tonight so no table below.

Today we started with some good trades but should have put a chart of TVIX up but instead concentrated long as I thought we would take off higher off the beat down we had just got last 48 hours. But it took awhile for that to materialize. We are topping out here at 2700 and might have to look the way of TVIX tomorrow if we get no follow through. Can fall under 2500 if we get any momentum south.




Economic Data For Tomorrow

Stock Market 
After 2 days of a sell off, the market finally bounced but not before falling another 780 points today at the Dow’s worst. We said that 2700 was next and got to 2696 area, but could have held out on the swings from low to high a big better. We are close to a resistance area now at 2700 so may have to look short tomorrow again.
Foreign Markets
BRZU up small today after YANG had a good day with the weak market.
Interest Rates
TMF has been on a tear lately. Might be overdone.
Got one small profit from DGAZ. It did sell off end of day though. Will buy the dip.
The OPEC meeting didn’t happen as far as revealing anything because Russia not playing along. Oil tanked. We will scoop up some shares maybe tomorrow but also look the other way if nothing comes out of OPEC.
Precious Metals and Mining
Metals and miners might have one more push higher but from there it’s a tough call to see if they can muster a move. The dollar was lower today and metals and miners fell with it for some odd reason. Not normal, so stayed away from them today.


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