ETF Trading Research 2/11/2019

Few headlines I notice off the bat from CNBC in what is driving this market higher is the mania in corporate share buybacks and Vanguard dramatically cutting its expected rate of return for the stock market over the next decade. All we need to do is get through Wednesday with little more damage and we should see the big drop to 2650 and most likely under 2600.

Futures are moving up after hours but still 7 points below the high of 2021 hit this morning. TVIX is about flast after hours with VIX at 15.97. No real change despite the after hours move up.

JDST and DUST ended up the day looking strong and I expect they continue that move up the rest of the week. Dollar moving up has hurt commodities and I expect DWT to continue moving higher this week too.

We did have SQQQ finish up and LABD and SOXS less than -1.5% down today, so no real damage overall. TVIX ended down less that -2% as well. But we have work to do. We need /VX futures to get going higher over 16.36 tomorrow then start moving towards 17 for a real run. Might take 24 to 48 hours but we’ll hold out for the best.

DGAZ turned to a sell so we need to keep an eye on UGAZ, however, I think overall we will see DGAZ go to a buy again on the weekly before UGAZ does.

DRIP became a buy however end of day it was GUSH that took off, so these are moving with the market like oil overall. I expected DWT being down and BRZU being lower today that the U.S. market would continue south but the market was definitely supported today and not allowed to fall.


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