ETF Trading Research 2/6/2019

We had  a basically flat day, but after taking some small profits early, are fully established in some trades that I think can move for us collectively. JDST is already up over 4% and DUST over 2% and with gold and silver down and moving lower and the dollar moving higher, we should be ready to roll.

UGAZ we are up overall on with these two trades but it has to get and stay over 32 for any chance. It has been finding a bottom and not sinking more and my signals still say to stay with it but clearly there is work to do. We’ll sell half most likely on any pop up and put in a trailing stop.

We have futures down after hours to 2729.50 -1.50 and below 2722 then 2716 we should test 2700. Below 2700 is key as we can hit a home run, finally, if we can break and stay below that for a bit.

Oil had good data today to help buoy the markets.

No GDP report today as the government shutdown is still affecting data.

Look for markets to move lower into Friday. Gold to move lower below 1300 support area (next stop) and oil somewhat negative despite the data today as I expect it to move lower with the markets for a bit. Nat gas growing impatient with at this point. Give it till tomorrow and that bounce over 32.60.


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