ETF Trading Research 3/3/2019

Futures are moving up into Monday and bears just not getting any type of a pullback. That said, we still have 2650 as the target on the next push lower and as I said Friday am looking for TVIX at 25 area to get long, with any signs, for anyone not presently in it. Same would be true at that time with any other shorts and I’ll still try and accommodate traders with day trades there which would turn into a nice swing trade if you kept a stop originally. Lots of work for me to do if not. Right now bears once again got the flip flop back to buys on opposite ETFs as our shorts. This is the 3rd time this has happened and unprecedented in my 3 years of doing this. It will NOT last. Still think the real bearishness to come in the markets is being led by BRZU heading south.

Meanwhile DUST was good on Friday from the 18 level earlier in the week and we should continue overall lower in gold to 1250 area if one wants to sit through the ups and downs of it as we head down again. Same would go with JDST, DSLV and DGLD. Gold is up with silver as I type but gold futures lower by $2.10. The dollar is down 9 cents to 96.44 and I expect a move over 97 coming. We have confirmed buys on the short side from Friday with the move lower in metals and miners. Metals leading miners right now; down.

Nat gas I said we are looking for the 2.90 level to go short and it is 2.858 as I type, up a penny. This should be the trade of the week once we get short with DGAZ. Given the chance of us hitting the 2.90’s.

Oil still a little bullish with the markets after a good day falling on Friday.

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