ETF Trading Research 3/12/2019

Today was similar to yesterday with a small move up in /ES to the resistance level that held well this time at 2800. We had the DOW lead the way down today, finishing -96 points and we should begin to head lower now with OPEX tomorrow. Can be a little crazy tomorrow but I bet we see some selling by end of day. TVIX was in a tight range today after the opening decline and we were good to sell it yesterday and nibble back today with half shares lower. I’d like to see /ES head to 2730 now with the debate once there on how much lower before taking off. Will depend on the news and sentiment then but I’d still like to see 2650 hit overall.

Gold and precious metals did well today. Below is the table update of the 5 miners I gave out a few trading sessions ago.

I did make a comment that UGAZ may be ok to buy but never made it official. It did go up a couple %.

Let’s see if we can get this market to rollover. Meanwhile, Chris and I are still working behind the scenes backtesting a few things and definitely like what I see. I do plan on ending up this month with some good returns based on future calls. And continue it.


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