ETF Trading Research 3/14/2019

Today we took some decent profit from DUST and JDST and went home flat because technically they have not triggered yet. They may tomorrow.

DGAZ we could have scalped post data but the move up before the data turned out to be big enough to get out of the DGAZ trade with no real damage as we didn’t want to go against the new trend, even though I think we fall here soon.

TVIX was up and down 3% today a few times.

SQQQ I got a signal but it was a weak one and we had no follow through, but over the next 2 days we should.

BRZU was down a decent amount today and we should look at it as a leading indicator of what’s to come for U.S. markets.

We’ll see if UWT has a move up to 60 yet or we jump on DWT and if /ES has a move up to 2850 still.


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