ETF Trading Research 3/6/2019

LABD moved up 6.13% after this to 21.80. SOXS 1.45%. So far the selling has held up. I gave TVIX as a buy at 30.70 and it hit 31.66 and currently bidding 31.40 but SVXY did not trigger a sell yet. Don’t like that. Last two times we had some selling SVXY was the first to trigger as a sell and this time it is lagging a bit. /ES still not below 2764 either but hit the 2760’s twice again today before closing just over 2770.We have options expiration next Wed and Fed a week later. Whether we go up into either of those, still think we have a date with 2650 minimum. Just liking that we got a few decent down days that have not been followed by higher highs, or for that matter no move over 2800 yet.Got a sell signal in UGAZ today too (and thus a buy in DGAZ).See what overnight price moves give us but keying in on 2764 support area for my best clues related to the market. No tariff magic beans left to plant. Trade data still sucks for U.S.

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