ETF Trading Research 5/15/2019

Manged to sell the overnight holds with some decent profit and flipped long for a couple profitable trades long. Got a boost from the Trump administration saying they will hold off on Auto tariffs for 6 months.

From here I will be concentrating on shorting the market. I may try a couple trades to test the waters on either a pop higher or a move lower. We are down -2.50 as I type to 2852.50. Prefer we move up over 2880 but don’t know if it comes or not. I’ll try and read the market in the morning and make some decisions. It is harder pre-market because of spreads so most likely will wait till the open.

If we do fall, there is a good chance miners will move up, so worth a shot there.

Will look at DRIP and TVIX tomorrow.

DRIP after hours is 10.06 ask and 10 bid.

TVIX after hours is 24.64 ask and 24.59 bid.

For reference.

No changes in tonight’s data making it bears still in control overall despite the last 2 days.

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