ETF Trading Research 5/22/2019

Little move up in TVIX from 20.60 to 20.94 at end of day with /ES moving below 2860 (currently 2857.75). And JNUG/NUGT off the lows too. Lots of weakness out there despite the complacency with TVIX. Ok with being flat though. Overnight action has been up then down, and down, then up the last 2 days. Don’t like the guessing game and only hit once this week on some news about Huawei extension of 90 days and got cold feet last night which would have actually paid off nicely today in all but TVIX which we still would have been up with profit at 22 pre-market. But TVIX couldn’t bust out pre-FOMC and miners couldn’t rebound. We did ok with the scalps though and tomorrow we see what markets bring. Hard to pick a side and hold as you can see. But bears overall still have upper hand till we break 2865 here for bulls and bears confirmed under 2855/2848.25. Lower lows is bearish. Someone tell that to the VIX! VIX over 15 and TVIX is your trade. 14.80 now. Confirmation of that is VIX moving over 15.44. And TVIX is moving up after hours to 21 bid.


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