What success have you had with the ETF Trading Service?

We have done well with the service over the last year and have taken 10% to 20% profits several times. We limit the downside to 2.5% losses.


We know we are not perfect and losing trades are part of trading. The only time you will get hit and lose money with this service is if you don’t follow the Trading Rules and let a stop go past the pre-agreed upon stop or trailing stop you set BEFORE the trade is executed. You can go about your day and do your business and set up your trailing stop and sell price, checking in when you have time on how you are doing, and either take profit or keep a stop. Naturally we strive to be on the right side of the trade and having you take consistent profit.


The key however is to take profits and we guide you along the way on how to do this. Because these ETFs are fast movers, you’ll find some alerts will get you fast profits. But SWING trades will get you the bigger profits once a weekly trend is hit. There is something for everyone with this service.

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