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In order to keep your wealth from being an illusion, you must possess the ability to adjust your portfolio as the economic and investment climates change. Buy-and- hold strategies can work with some assets, but should not be the way forward for all your holdings. Applying the common sense of this book can grant you control of your future and your wealth.

Inadequate education failed to teach us how to invest, so we relinquish control to advisors who may or may not have our best interests at heart. This book is written to bring you the awareness, confidence and insight necessary to conquer the future panics, crashes, and crises that will inevitably arise, and teach you how to profit whether the market is rising or falling. But most importantly, it is written to stand the test of time for generations to come, fulfilling the void left by our educational system. Isn’t it time you took control of your financial future?


After reading the book Illusions of Wealth, you should possess the ability to decipher what investing you can do on your own, which you need an advisor for and what’s mostly missing is how to profit in up and down markets.

The ETF Leveraged Trading Service provides you that missing link which allows you to take more control of trends and obtain even greater returns than you thought possible while controlling losses should they come. Check out the testimonials below and we’ll give you a 2 week free trial to see how our research can help you profit.

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Trade for profit in up or down markets with the research and insight from Doug Eberhardt’s over 30 years of trading experience by signing up for the ETF Trading Service.

In Doug’s book, Illusions of Wealth he introduces a new dynamic to investing that takes advantage of market trends and allows you to profit more in shorter time frames with the right setups.

The ETF Trading Service is tracking 36 handpicked ETFs that meet certain criteria providing buy, sell and stop alerts 5 days a week where the goal is to control losses and maximize profits. The ETF Trading Service also provides an in-depth market analysis before each trading day, 5 days a week. 

The key to trading these ETFs are found in the Trading Rules which Doug provides to each subscriber.

10 of the 47 ETFs analyzed are related to the precious metals market where Doug has been calling the markets better than anyone else who sells gold. These 10 ETFs include , NUGT, GDXJ, JNUG, USLV, DSLV, DUST and JDST but we also analyze GLD, SLV, GDX (these last 3 not leveraged ETFs but utilized for tracking purposes).

You can read the testimonial for the service below and our actual sample of the ETF nightly report can be found here.

We hope to see you there as Doug brings you the best analysis on ways you can profit trading leveraged ETFs. There is no trading service like it and the 2 week free trial lets you judge the Service before you subscribe. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 



  • Doug provides a very strong service and I would highly recommend it for the niche that it is designed to fill. He is very much on top of the changes in these fast moving ETF's and is very quick to respond to client questions. A winner on all counts!

    Ole W2
  • I learned about Doug's service through a fellow investor. I have achieved exceptional results from following his Trading Rules and ETF recommendations. Most of my trades have been within one day, although a few have carried over into two or more days of trading. Most of my trades have been less than $20,000, but none have exceeded $30,000 in total funds traded at any one time. During that time, I have earned almost $23,000 net of commissions and stop losses. Most of that has been in the last couple of months. The first few months I was more conservative as I was still learning to follow Doug’s rules. I have had a few losses from setting stop losses and having them executed, but that is part of minimizing losses. I have learned that if I study, learn and follow Doug's Trading Rules and his daily Trading Analysis recommendations, I can achieve outstanding returns and minimize losses. I highly recommend this service.

  • Doug provides expert analysis in this irrational market. Doug helps his clients capitalize on trends while also reducing risk. His wit and sense of humor also help make this service fun for me. I'm not betting the farm on the ETF service but am enjoying it and I'm improving at it. The trading rules are requiring me to change a number of bad behaviors I've had in investing and old habits do die hard, but the more I follow them, the greater my success is. This is a great service for anyone that has the self discipline to follow Doug's rules. My recommendation is to follow a few pairs of contrasting ETFs (e.g., DWTI?UWTI, DGAZ/UGAZ, JNUG/JDST) and get good at these. Find some pairs you like and their success can lead to broadening the ones you want should you choose to.

  • This service assumes the subscriber possesses a certain knowledge of trading mechanics and financial markets, as well as emotional control. Given these, the subscriber can make consistent, large profits regardless of whether the market is up or down by following Doug’s trading rules and making the swing trades he recommends. He provides astute analysis of the markets from both a micro and macro point of view. Bottom line: Highly recommended, but you must follow his trading rules and pay close attention to his daily comments.

  • When I first joined (at the end of this week, I will be in his service for two months), my goal was to make a modest $800 to $1,000 each month. My hope was to make the $1,000 and come out of the year ahead by $12,000. With still one week to go to complete my first two months, I have profited more than $3,263. I have exceeded my highest hopes. The amount of money I have invested in any ETF trade varies. The most I invested was $34,000, but most trades have been from $22,000 to as little as $6,000. Doug's service covers more than 40 ETFs. I highly recommend that people check out the service that Doug provides, especially if you are interested in making money whether the market is going up or down. Raul G

  • I'm  lovin the new service. Excellent communication, information and trade alerts.  With your guidance I am hopeful to stay far away from the losers camp where I came from. So far so good. I really like your style and integrity.

    Ron M.
  • My first trade with your service, I locked in JDST at 15% profit in less than 2 days! I was comfortable with that to get a win under my belt, although it may run further.

    Michael G.
  • Most of my research and interest in the past has been in gold and silver, which is what led me to your ETF service and why I have mostly traded NUGT/DUST, but been reading the details you outlined on the UWTI call you made and it was phenomenal.  Going to broaden my scope outside of precious metals and start paying attention to all of the other sectors you are also covering in your ETF service.Very happy I signed up for your service.

    Jeff T.
  • Something i would like to share with you: i took $20,000, concentrated on JNUG only. In and out with your signals- i have your service since 10/6 (wrote this 8 days later), I made $5500. Incredibly pleased.

  • I've only taken three positions: JNUG, NUGT, and TBT. After being stopped out and re-entering, I'm up almost $4K. For that gain, I paid $275.

    Carl S

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with a new subscription?

You can click on the link on the home page or follow this link here to purchase either an annual or monthly subscription. There is a 20% discount for an annual subscription and 30% discount for a 2 year subscription.

Is there a free trial for the ETF service?

Yes, we offer a 2 week free trial to all subscribers. At the end of 2 weeks you can continue with the service for the subscription you signed up for and your credit card will be charged accordingly or you can cancel with no charge.

How many ETFs do you track?

We track 46 leveraged ETFs and will from time to time make other recommendations you can profit from based on the research we conduct.

What size of an account should I have to invest with your service?

We recommend your account have at least $10,000. Larger accounts will be able to trade the multiple ETF calls we may have going at the same time.  It is more conservative to spread the risk among the various calls rather than to put all of your account into one call because it is smaller. You should be able to see how you may profit with the research during the 2 week free trial to see what suits you best.

What sets your service apart from other services?

I know of no other services that track this many leveraged ETFs. We are pretty unique in what we do and Doug Eberhardt’s take on the markets is also as down to earth as it comes. He calls it like he sees it and you’ll see he may recommend to take profit early on some ETFs but also will be adamant over and over about keeping stops as you need to protect your principal to live to trade another day. Because leveraged ETFs are viewed as more risky, you have to take profits earlier and you’ll see how with this service sometimes you can let your profit go longer and reap the rewards from it.

How do I know when your calls are made?

We will send out an email blast to all subscribers when a call is made. Instructions will be provided on how to set up your cell phone with an alert that notifies you when an email comes in, similar to how you are alerted when a text comes in. You don’t have to sit in a trading room all day waiting on a call. Each evening there will be a report that will detail all calls and typically when a call is made there will be plenty of time to get in at a good price, even if you only receive the nightly reports.

What other kind of reports will I receive?
The nightly report will come to you each evening by email. It will give a synopsis of the markets and a complete breakdown with a color coded table of the 46 ETFs as to where we currently stand with each.
What happens after the 2 week free trial is over with?

Your credit card will be charged for the length of time you chose to begin the service. There are discounts for the longer you sign up for the service.

What can I expect from the ETF Trading Service?

You will receive a nightly report which will show you what ETFs are trending. You can see a sample of the nightly report here. Many will use this nightly report to make trades long or short the markets, metals, oil, natural gas, etc. It’s a good way to manage your 401ks in protecting your wealth too as it will give you insight as to the trend where you may wish to switch to cash if we get a market downturn or even a crash similar to 2007-2009 where most investors didn’t protect their wealth.

How often will I receive information?

You’ll receive a pre-market analysis and post open analysis with trade setups and what we will be watching for the day for going long. These trades are primarily scalps but sometimes can turn into some highly profitable trades of 10% or more in one day. You’ll also receive market updates throughout the day in handling news or economic data that comes out that can alter our thinking.

Does IOW cover swing trades?

We will also send out alerts on SWING trades when they hit where if you are a busy person with work, you can receive a notice to your email which alerts you on your cell to buy a certain ETF.

This includes exit alerts as well

Do you manage investments for individuals?

No, we do not. This Service is set up where you take control of your wealth.

Will there be any guidelines that can help us become better traders?

Yes, the Trading Rules are worth signing up for the 2 week free trial alone. They have 30 years worth of success and failure in coming up with rules that if followed will protect your downside while allowing for nice profits to be made on the upside. We cut our losers and admit we are wrong and take profit on our winners.  We try to take the emotions out of trading and if you have ever tried trading before, you know what that means. If you are an emotional trader, it just means you didn’t have a plan from the beginning. The Trading Rules are that plan. The rest is making good calls for you that you can profit from.

What success have you had with the ETF Trading Service?

We have done well with the service over the last year and have taken 10% to 20% profits several times. We limit the downside to 2.5% losses.


We know we are not perfect and losing trades are part of trading. The only time you will get hit and lose money with this service is if you don’t follow the Trading Rules and let a stop go past the pre-agreed upon stop or trailing stop you set BEFORE the trade is executed. You can go about your day and do your business and set up your trailing stop and sell price, checking in when you have time on how you are doing, and either take profit or keep a stop. Naturally we strive to be on the right side of the trade and having you take consistent profit.


The key however is to take profits and we guide you along the way on how to do this. Because these ETFs are fast movers, you’ll find some alerts will get you fast profits. But SWING trades will get you the bigger profits once a weekly trend is hit. There is something for everyone with this service.

Are there any guarantees of success?

There are no guarantees with this service. If you follow the Trading Rules, you should succeed quite well in profiting in up and down markets. There is no service out there like this that follows so many pre-picked ETFs that meet the criteria for your success. During the 2 week free-trial you’ll see how a Service like this can enhance your profits by following the rules and the calls. We try to take the worry out of investing.


Who is Doug Eberhardt and why should I follow his trading advice?

Doug Eberhardt is a 30+ year financial markets veteran who has written 2 books on investing, Buy Gold and Silver Safely (2010) and Illusions of Wealth (2016). Doug provides his unique perspective on the markets 5 days a week and provides research on 47 leveraged ETFs where investors can follow trends to profits in up or down markets.

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