How do I get started with a new subscription?

You can click on the link on the home page or follow this link below to purchase either a monthly, quarterly, annual or biennial subscription. There is a 20% discount for an annual subscription and 30% discount for a 2 year subscription.


ETF Trading Service


Is there a free trial for the ETF service?

Yes, we offer a 2 week free trial to all subscribers. At the end of 2 weeks you can continue with the service for the subscription you signed up for and your credit card will be charged accordingly or you can cancel with only the 10 cent charge. The link to sign up for the 2 week free trial is here:

ETF Trading Service

How many ETFs do you track?

We track 30 leveraged ETFs and will from time to time make other recommendations you can profit from based on the research we provide.

What size of an account should I have to invest with your service?

We recommend your account have at least $10,000. Larger accounts will be able to trade the multiple ETF calls we may have going at the same time.  It is more conservative to spread the risk among the several ETFs rather than put all of your account into one call because it is smaller. You should be able to see how you may profit with the research provided during the 2 week free trial and see what suits you best.

What sets your service apart from other services?

I know of no other services that track this many leveraged ETFs. We are pretty unique in what we do and Doug Eberhardt’s take on the markets is also as down to earth as it comes. He calls it like he sees it and you’ll see he may recommend to take profit early on some ETFs but also will be adamant over and over about keeping stops as you need to protect your principal to live to trade another day. Because leveraged ETFs are viewed as more risky, you have to take profits earlier and you’ll see how with this service sometimes you can let your profit go longer and reap the rewards from it. The Automated system was set up for you to profit by using the Trading Rules Doug has developed after decades of trading.

How do I know when your calls are made?

There is a notification sound on the main trading web page when a trade is made to buy or sell. With each call there will be an email sent to all subscribers. Eventually you will be able to set up to receive alerts by text.

What happens after the 2 week free trial is over with?

Your credit card will be charged for the length of time you chose to begin the service. There are discounts for the longer you sign up for the service. We reserve the right to increase the price of the monthly and quarterly subscription at any point in time, but the annual and biennial subscriptions have a lifetime guarantee.

What can I expect from the ETF Trading Service?

You will receive a nightly report which will show you what ETFs are trending. You can see a sample of the nightly report here. Many will use this nightly report to make trades long or short the markets, metals, oil, natural gas, etc. It’s a good way to manage your 401ks in protecting your wealth too as it will give you insight as to the trend where you may wish to switch to cash if we get a market downturn or even a crash similar to 2007-2009 where most investors didn’t protect their wealth.

How often will I receive information?

You’ll receive an end of day nightly report, typically before 8PM EDT that will wrap up the day and set up the next days trading. All market comments are made LIVE on the main trading page link.

Does IOW 2.0 cover swing trades?

We will also send out alerts on Moderate Risk trades when they hit which should be considered swing trades for more profit. You’ll need to still actively monitor these trades because any trade in a triple leveraged ETF can swing wildly for you for profit or against you for losses. If you have to walk away, you can always still follow the trend after scalping some initial profit and switch to a non-leveraged ETF to continue to profit from the trend with less risk. The nightly reports will still guide you along the way. It helps to have a cell phone to check your trades when taking breaks from your main job. Also, trailing stops help you profit as the ETF moves up and if we get a reversal you lock in the higher profit, protecting the downside.


When can I cancel the Service?

You can cancel any time, Your card will not be charged for the next billing cycle and you will continue to still receive trades and nightly reports for your current cycle.

Do you manage investments for individuals?

No, we do not. This Service is set up where you take control of your wealth. We charge a monthly fee for our research but all investment decisions are yours.

Will there be any guidelines that can help us become better traders?

Yes, the Trading Rules are worth signing up for the 2 week free trial alone. They have 32 years worth of success and failure in coming up with rules that if followed will get you to profit and protect your downside. We cut our losers and admit we are wrong and take profit on our winners.  We try to take the emotions out of trading and if you have ever tried trading before, you know what that means. If you are an emotional trader, it just means you didn’t have a plan from the beginning. The Trading Rules are that plan and our Automated system trades utilizing the Trading Rules. The rest is making good calls for you that you can profit from.

What success have you had with the ETF Trading Service?

We have done well with the service over the last two years and have taken some big profits. We limit the downside to 2% to 3% per trade.  The goal of course is to make calls for trades that will get us profit from the beginning.

We know we are not perfect and losing trades are part of trading. The only time you will get hit and lose money with this service is if you don’t follow the Trading Rules and let a stop go past the pre-set stop or trailing stop that is calculated the moment the trade is executed. You can go about your day and do your business and set up your trailing stop and sell price for profit, checking in when you have time on how you are doing. But you should set alerts for when your target prices are achieved to take profit or stop out. Naturally we strive to be on the right side of the trade and having you take consistent profit.

The key however is to take profits and this is now part of the Automated system we have created. You’ll find some trades will get you fast profits and some take longer to develop. But swing trades will get you the bigger profits once a weekly trend is hit. There is something for everyone with this service. Even with swing trades we like to lock in profit on some shares and know we can always get back in the trade because of the volatility that comes with leveraged ETFs.

With the introduction of the Automated system October 22nd, 2018, we can now track trades automatically.



Are there any guarantees of success?

There are no guarantees of success with this service. If you follow the Trading Rules, you should succeed quite well in profiting in up and down markets trading leveraged ETFs. There is no service out there like this that follows so many pre-picked ETFs that meet the criteria for your success. During the 2 week free-trial you’ll see how a Trading Service like this can enhance your profits by following the Trading Rules and the calls made. We try to take the worry out of investing.


Who is Doug Eberhardt and why should I follow his trading advice?

Doug Eberhardt is a 32+ year financial markets veteran who has written 2 books on investing, Buy Gold and Silver Safely (2010) and Illusions of Wealth (2016). Doug provides his unique perspective on the markets 5 days a week and provides research on 30 leveraged ETFs where investors can follow trends to profits in up or down markets.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a subscription, follow the instructions on this page. The subscription will cancel at the end of the paid term.

How do I change my email address?

You can update or change your email by going to my My Account Details and change it there.

How to make sure you receive all of our updates.

Follow these white list  instructions to make sure your spam filter does not filter out our emails.

What web browser should I use?

You should use Chrome or Firefox.  Internet Explorer will not work.

How do I access IOW 2.0

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