Doug Eberhardt is a 30+ year financial markets veteran who has written 2 books on investing, Buy Gold and Silver Safely (2010) and Illusions of Wealth (2016). Doug provides his unique perspective on the markets 5 days a week and provides research on 47 leveraged ETFs where investors can follow trends to profits in up or down markets.

Doug started his trading career in the late 90’s when you could do 100 trades a day for 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 profits and make a good living. It is since that time that he has developed Trading Rules that everyone should know and follow before making any trades.

With the introduction of ETFs as a way to trade, many investors are not aware they can profit from trends by taking advantage of certain asset classes that can move 2 to 3 times more than the underlying asset. This means you can profit 2 to 3 times faster in a shorter amount of time. Many of the trades called are not held but for a few days depending on the strength of the trend.

The ETF Trading Service began in early 2015 and after the first year of trading has done tremendous for those who have signed up. We make the recommendation to buy and sell/take profit or keep when to keep stops and limit your downside risk, which the Trading Rules address as well. Naturally many investors take profit sooner than when the stop triggers and that’s just fine. It is the establishment of the trend for the calls we make where this service excels and we can make a great profit in a short amount of time and have done so over and over.

Many investors buy and hold their investments because that is what their financial advisors tell them to do. That’s ok for some investments, but there is no protection for most of your investments when a significant downturn occurs. This service allows you to take advantage of downturns and profit from the move down as well with the trend research we provide. The nightly reports alone are worth the small price we charge for this Service.

Personally, it matters not which way the markets are moving; profit can be made and we are here to show you the way with our research. The testimonials on the home page tell the story.

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In order to keep your wealth from being an illusion, you must possess the ability to adjust your portfolio as the economic and investment climates change. Buy-and- hold strategies can work with some assets, but should not be the way forward for all your holdings. Applying the common sense of the book Illusions of Wealth can grant you control of your future and your wealth. Click here to buy today!

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Ask a gold dealer this one question before buying; If I buy this gold or silver from you at today’s spot price and sell you the same metals back immediately at the same spot price, what will you pay me for them? We at Buy Gold and Silver Safely are happy to answer that question. Our motto is to undercut everyone else in price where you make all the profit, not the gold dealer. Call us today at 888-604-6534 for a quote on gold or silver coins and bars and see what we recommend that helps you profit versus what most other gold dealers recommend that help them profit.

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