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The ETF trading results will vary from week to week and our system keeps us in the positive each week because we cut our losses quickly and let our profits ride with the trend, taking 1/2 shares profit along the way in trying to make each trade a winning trade. Our goal is to have at a maximum of a 5% loss which is rarely hit and on the long side we have hit several trades which have been profitable over 10% in just a few days. The key to trading these ETFs is to take profits and you’ll receive alerts throughout the day for guidance as well as pre-set up profit goals and stop losses for each ETF we trade. .

The nightly reports will come to you laying out the next days trades. A sample of the nightly report is below. We have had much success trading JNUG and JDST and other opposite ETFs like UGAZ and DGAZ. This style of trading may seem complicated to some without understanding what the colors mean, but it’s actually not once you read the Trading Rules which you can view as part of the 2 week free trial.

What we eventually want out of these nightly reports is to have the trends develop to where all ETFs in a particular direction are trading green on the weekly and the monthly and our only decision then is when to take profit.

REPORT FROM 11/9/2017

For those of you new here, I most of the time have the ETF Trading Research report out by 8PM PDT, and it comes by an RSS feed, but you can look at the report here sometimes before you get it in your mailbox;  This is also the same link if there are any technical difficulties.


Today’s Trades and Current Positions (highlighted in yellow):

Turned out to be a good day today. Sure needed one and we made some good moves by locking in profit on many and URA turned out to be a good home run for us. The nice thing there is it wasn’t a leveraged ETF. I will continue to look for bargains outside of the ETFs when I see one. I almost called HYG today. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves today. If you added them all up, wasn’t a bad day at all and some of you wrote and said you did well. That’s music to my ears. Also, I do like the new system and in improving it, we should watch SQQQ, UVXY and FAZ tomorrow if they open positive. Risk vs. reward with them. They were the 3 that we profited from on the New Red Weekly Trade The Opposite Strategy and still candidates to go green on the weekly next. I’m trying to leave no stone un-turned here.

Economic Data For Tomorrow 

No big data tomorrow.

Stock Market 
Took some profit from FAZ, SQQQ and LABD today as well as UVXY. But I have learned to scalp these until markets prove they can actually go lower. Today we saw the Dow come back over +100 points from the low. That tells you this strategy is the right strategy until central banks stop buying and become sellers. If they ever do.
Foreign Markets
YANG is waiting for YINN to triggered red on the weekly and jumped the gun a little today since it was positive. However, it closed down a penny.
Interest Rates
We sold TMV at the right time and now will wait for some clarification. TMF did trigger red on the weekly but TMV is down since that time. If TMV opens positive tomorrow, it can be a good buy.
Someone wrote me today that UGAZ was 3 days in a row on hot corner, but it was LABD that was two and didn’t trigger 3, so sorry about that. I didn’t double check as UGAZ has done so well. UGAZ was a new green weekly though. 3.07 is the down leg potential and 3.30 next stop higher. Neutral right now. Nat Gas data today was neutral today too. UGAZ should be a buy at the open any day it opens higher now or goes positive. Or we will buy the dip.
While I have been snake bit on oil of late, it’s mostly because of the bottoming I was expecting in oil. It hasn’t happened because of the turmoil in the Middle East and I need to wake up to that fact. We will buy UWT if it is positive tomorrow and see if Saudi Arabia is ready to go to war and cause havoc in the Middle East.
Precious Metals and Mining Stocks
Somewhat neutral on metals right now. The world is changing and war isn’t necessarily bullish for gold, as the dollar could benefit putting pressure on gold.  Slightly bullish right now with the USD/JPY stall and slight TMV pullback. See how it plays out tomorrow.
 If UGLD opens positive tomorrow, it may be a good buy.


Thursday Afternoon Price

Wednesday Afternoon Price

Tuesday Afternoon Price

Monday Night Price

Sunday Night Price
Friday Afternoon Price
 Hot Corner (the biggest movers – 3% or more – or new ETFs that are green on the weekly – those in bold are consecutive days in the Hot Corner):

URA, UGAZ, GUSH, BZQ  ( UGAZ new green weekly

Cold Corner (the biggest move lower 3% or more that are green on the weekly and or weekly/monthly or turned red on the weekly – those in bold are consecutive days in the Cold Corner):

DGAZ, BRZU, DRIP (TMF, SVXY, TQQQ new red weekly’s)

Green Weekly’s

These are the ETFs that have turned green on the weekly and the dates they turned green. This is used for tracking your percentage gains so you know when to take profit for each ETF per the Trading Rules profit taking guidelines. These green weekly’s work as you can see from the %Gain/Loss tables. You won’t get the exact high with your trade but you will also be out typically well before they start to fall again or turn red on the weekly. Your best way to profit with the service is stick with the green weekly trend and take profit while using a trailing stop on remaining shares. Also, if these green ETFs are up for the day at the open, they offer the best scalping opportunities. I am always fine tuning this section so if there is confusion at all, email me and be specific and I’ll be happy address.

I know I have said this many times but it is worth repeating; If you stick with the green weekly trades your odds of profit increase as there is more risk with the day trades. I call the day trades with the intent of catching some runners, so will get a few 1% stop outs but eventually catch the 5% to 10% or more runners.  The important part of the list below is that the longer the ETF stays on the list (the one’s at the top of the list by Entry Date) the more likely it is to turn red on the weekly and the opposite ETF comes into play as a long.

Sell half shares on a spike up on any ETF you are long, even if goal is higher. Spikes higher are almost always followed by moves in the opposite direction. Try and get out with a market order quickly before the quick move back lower. Lock in that profit! 


Profit in up or down markets today

Take your financial future into your own hands and start trading like a pro.


  • Doug provides a very strong service and I would highly recommend it for the niche that it is designed to fill. He is very much on top of the changes in these fast moving ETF's and is very quick to respond to client questions. A winner on all counts!

    Ole W2
  • I learned about Doug's service through a fellow investor. I have achieved exceptional results from following his Trading Rules and ETF recommendations. Most of my trades have been within one day, although a few have carried over into two or more days of trading. Most of my trades have been less than $20,000, but none have exceeded $30,000 in total funds traded at any one time. During that time, I have earned almost $23,000 net of commissions and stop losses. Most of that has been in the last couple of months. The first few months I was more conservative as I was still learning to follow Doug’s rules. I have had a few losses from setting stop losses and having them executed, but that is part of minimizing losses. I have learned that if I study, learn and follow Doug's Trading Rules and his daily Trading Analysis recommendations, I can achieve outstanding returns and minimize losses. I highly recommend this service.

  • Doug provides expert analysis in this irrational market. Doug helps his clients capitalize on trends while also reducing risk. His wit and sense of humor also help make this service fun for me. I'm not betting the farm on the ETF service but am enjoying it and I'm improving at it. The trading rules are requiring me to change a number of bad behaviors I've had in investing and old habits do die hard, but the more I follow them, the greater my success is. This is a great service for anyone that has the self discipline to follow Doug's rules. My recommendation is to follow a few pairs of contrasting ETFs (e.g., DWTI?UWTI, DGAZ/UGAZ, JNUG/JDST) and get good at these. Find some pairs you like and their success can lead to broadening the ones you want should you choose to.

  • This service assumes the subscriber possesses a certain knowledge of trading mechanics and financial markets, as well as emotional control. Given these, the subscriber can make consistent, large profits regardless of whether the market is up or down by following Doug’s trading rules and making the swing trades he recommends. He provides astute analysis of the markets from both a micro and macro point of view. Bottom line: Highly recommended, but you must follow his trading rules and pay close attention to his daily comments.

  • When I first joined (at the end of this week, I will be in his service for two months), my goal was to make a modest $800 to $1,000 each month. My hope was to make the $1,000 and come out of the year ahead by $12,000. With still one week to go to complete my first two months, I have profited more than $3,263. I have exceeded my highest hopes. The amount of money I have invested in any ETF trade varies. The most I invested was $34,000, but most trades have been from $22,000 to as little as $6,000. Doug's service covers more than 40 ETFs. I highly recommend that people check out the service that Doug provides, especially if you are interested in making money whether the market is going up or down. Raul G

  • I'm  lovin the new service. Excellent communication, information and trade alerts.  With your guidance I am hopeful to stay far away from the losers camp where I came from. So far so good. I really like your style and integrity.

    Ron M.
  • My first trade with your service, I locked in JDST at 15% profit in less than 2 days! I was comfortable with that to get a win under my belt, although it may run further.

    Michael G.
  • Most of my research and interest in the past has been in gold and silver, which is what led me to your ETF service and why I have mostly traded NUGT/DUST, but been reading the details you outlined on the UWTI call you made and it was phenomenal.  Going to broaden my scope outside of precious metals and start paying attention to all of the other sectors you are also covering in your ETF service.Very happy I signed up for your service.

    Jeff T.
  • Something i would like to share with you: i took $20,000, concentrated on JNUG only. In and out with your signals- i have your service since 10/6 (wrote this 8 days later), I made $5500. Incredibly pleased.

  • I've only taken three positions: JNUG, NUGT, and TBT. After being stopped out and re-entering, I'm up almost $4K. For that gain, I paid $275.

    Carl S
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