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Many of you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to trading, and admit my mistakes to you all so you don’t repeat them. One mistake I continually make is so simple  NOT to do, but when I am disorganized like I have been the last week, which I will explain in a minute, I go against the nightly report and break the rules. To be honest with you, this is just plain DUMB. I let my medium or longer term views, or even emotions of the moment, get in the way. I did it when I took off a few days last week and when I started up again this week. Now for some understanding as to why, outside of just stupidity. We were up 52% since I started tracking (we will release publicly in the future every trade made since 12/17) and gave 10% of that back in the last week. Not what any of us wanted. Here’s why and it’s not an excuse as I should be more up front and tried to trade without all my tools and failed miserably, but mostly because of breaking that one rule. Don’t do it! No matter what I may say. If I haven’t, I’ll make that a rule with the new system. That’s right. I am having Chris create a system with THAT rule included where IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for me to take home a trade that is opposite the nightly report. Problem solved. Less risk. More profit. Why it took this long, I do not know.

Book Writing

I have gone into hibernation to finish books as follows;

  1. I am taking my Illusions of Wealth book and turning it into 2 books; A. Profit in Up Or Down Markets which is carving out the investment portion of the original title and B. Not sure I will keep the same name of Illusions of Wealth or something else, but the first part of that book should be taught in every school, so I may submit it to the education departments that look for content to teach youth about the monetary system, banking, Federal Reserve system and Economic system, above what a Finance 101 or Econ 101 book would do. They simply don’t teach kids about money or the Fed and how it controls everything else. Maybe for a reason, so if it is rejected, I’ll just turn it into a fear mongering book that everyone else who writes about Armageddon books like Rickards, Schiff, etc.
  2. I am also finishing a 50 page Christian book called You Can Make A Difference that will re-frame the thinking of those who belong to Churches to leaving their wealth to the Church, rather than to Children, to make a difference in the local community that can thrive with or without government. It will involve gifting to endowments(and other Planned Giving tools) for the specific purpose of helping the Church last forever so they can concentrate not on paying their bills but building communities through their various giving ways they do anyway. It only takes a few members from each Church to accomplish this and once the Church is taken care of, or even at the same time as the Church endowment is happening, create one for the Church school that helps children get a good education with minimal outlay. This is one way to take education back from the public schools which are failing our youth (in many cases). This book will also work in teaching self sufficiency to the community and less reliance on government. What does one really need in life? Housing, Food, Family and God. My travels to the Philippines have shown me that a taxi driver making about $10 a day is enough for his family of 5 as they have food and housing taken care of, and God in their hearts. Yes, it is different here, but it is a start in the right direction. At one point in my life I was a Certified Specialist in Planned Giving (CSPG) and putting this to good use here.
  3. I have worked almost 14 years on the book We the Serfs! which was originally named; Fed Up! till the Governor of Texas Rick Perry stole it from me. I like the new title better as it is the government that is slowly turning our future generations into serfs as they, the Kings and Queens reap all the benefits, enriching themselves in the process. It is a political book that will attempt to bring both sides together in exposing what most can’t see or more and more see with YouTube and other social media including media bias, the cost of government involvement in most anything they touch, how the voice of reason is ignored, why they are ignored, and will dive into many issues including the military industrial complex and wars, racism (big one this day eh?), drug war, our education system, debt and deficits (more than the other books which were/are a good primer), capitalism vs crony capitalism, the facade known as the Presidential election, the failure of real conservationism, the attempts at socialism, health care debate, environment debate,  LGBTQ, women’s rights and yes, even abortion as well as some surprises. I think you would agree, there is no better time to write a political book than right now.

Technically that is 4 books. I am ready to do what I can to help this country be a better place to live and for us to appreciate what we really have. If you have traveled to other countries, believe me, we live in the greatest country in the world. Let’s not let politics get in the way of living your life for the betterment of those around you, including your own family and your community if you choose to. Taking control of your wealth, making a difference in your Church and community, self sufficiency for yourself and others, less reliance on government to solve problems, awareness, teaching the youth they have something to look forward to, loving one another rather than divisiveness, common ground. That’s what it’s about for me.

The Good News and the Bad News

In setting out these lofty goals, I have calculated it will take me approximately 4 months to get these books done. Most are already in my head, and if you ever want to know how to write a book, start with an outline, write the book, come back and fill in the blanks. Taken me many years to figure that one out. Heck, I just wrote an over 400 page book in 2018, so I think I have this down. While I don’t want to neglect you all, I am doing you a disservice by trying to make trading calls when I don’t have all my tools, let alone great internet where I am. It is for that reason I am suspending the trading service for 4 months till Thanksgiving. HOWEVER, I will still chime in to you all now and then during those 4 months free of charge when I see market turns, or for example TVIX going to a buy. Or after this downturn in gold JNUG and NUGT going to a buy again. For the CURRENT TRADES, I am going to leave as is AND ADD to them in a double down approach if gold wants to go to 1466/1480s and markets want to go to 3066/3079. This means we will ride the current trades out and add when/if necessary, or if we do get the turn lower in gold/miners/markets, take some decent profit if we break 2994 and 1400 at some point, the ultimate goal. This may take till October where eventually TVIX can be a 100% return from its bottom. I’m ok with holding for that and adding at this point. For TVIX I think it may be a dream come true. For me I will ignore the overall losses that I incur on the first leg of the trade if they come but look to buy lower if it does go lower and then ride those shares higher. Ideally we get gold/miners to fall, take those profits, which are really a make up of last week, and buy TVIX lower. But come Fed next week, I think we are positioned well for a pop at least and will debate what to do then. Holding through Fed minimum. By handling the service this way, I will be able to still give you some guidance, but no need to write about the minute by minute happenings of day to day Trumpisms or Fedisms and know that we are indeed on the cusp of a big pullback by the end of October either way. Whether that is from 3079 or 3100+ I don’t know, but time will be on our side come the end of October. I have it that we should bottom around Aug 5th post Fed so if in profit, we may just step back then and wait/buy some longs then go heavy short.

Subscriptions will resume after Thanksgiving and by then we will have the TRADING RULES written into my software system and at least from my perspective, and from my over 20 years of trading experience, feel I have conquered the one nemesis that has hounded me the most; going against the rules.  For me, that is the Holy Grail of trading and I want you all to benefit from it.

I may lose some of you by doing this and that’s fine. I have always tried my best and learn from my mistakes. Building a system isn’t easy and trading it even more difficult when you allow the human decision making process to be involved. Sometimes things don’t make sense and we get stubborn and it costs us money. Eliminating that stubbornness and taking profit is all we want and we’ll have that soon enough.


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