ETF Trading Research 5/12/2019

We went conservative on a day where President Trump and President Xi of China met to work out tariff issues. As of now the tariff’s remain and may or may not remain moving forward as talks continue.  In

other words, nothing was accomplished. But the end of day market move up viewed this as positive. I chose to stay out of the bigger move up  but did make a comment near the lows that it may be a good time to go half shares minimum. I didn’t want to give the hard fought profit up for the week so went conservative. We were somewhat volatile in the afternoon, and no new sells came in except for TVIX which is a big one.

Slight lean bullish at this point. But we never know what the weekend holds with Trump at the helm.

We got long some miners and JNUG and down a little, but I see a potential bottoming in place and a move over 1290 in gold and under 73 in the dollar should get us a little run possibly of more than one day. I’m not saying the bottom is in, but I am saying we were close to a breakout today and I took the chance. We have had some signs with the sells in JDST and DUST but so far can’t push past 7.30’s in JNUG. We will add NUGT on any further fall. These may turn into a longer term hold but just not sure yet.

I got us out of UGAZ too early despite how much I liked it the last 2 days. Not happy about the small profit versus what we could have had.

Let’s see what Monday brings and enjoy your Mother’s Day.

I am writing this alert on Friday while everything is still fresh in my mind and so those of you who are hard core traders have a little time to play futures or the market before evening session ends.


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