ETF Trading Research 7/09/2019

Took the profit on the shorts early today and with that move down, tried a few more trades short that got no follow through and end of day went flat. Played gold miners well and ended up going flat there too with Powell and FOMC on deck. My dad gave me a line that was from his trading days; “liquidate to the sleeping point” (for those that don’t sleep well at night). Tonight we sleep well and look forward to the next 48 hours for direction.

UGAZ woke up from a morning smack down to hit 18.97 after touching 17.72. I mentioned it at 17.80 but was busy with some of the other trades at the time.

Oil data tomorrow along with tons of other stuff that can shake the market either way. Expect volatility the next 48 hours and go lighter shares and take quicker profits.





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