ETF Trading Research 1/2/2019

Good start to the New Year with taking less risk and the profit when handed to us. However, even though we got 7.1% overall today, (cumulative), we could have got 2% more out of DUST and 3% more minimum out of UGAZ. We chose to take a trade pre-market that didn’t pan out but stuck with it and got some back and could have had all of that loss back. Everything else was good trading, especially in LABU and even DUST we got out of before it fell too much. We decided to go home flat.

After hours we had a couple developments. One was Apple making a rare cut to sales guidance and the other was a glitch or what have you in USD/JPY. Glad to not be long either way, but gold benefited at first and gave it back and silver didn’t budge much. Metals are weak here.

No new changes except for TVIX is no longer a go to ETF and we may start to see some more of a longer bullish move higher now. We do however have to let this after hours moves play themselves out. I will go with any trend tomorrow without hesitation, the same way we did today, and take profit along the way.

Meanwhile, liking nat gas long here and oil should continue higher as well. TMV may start to move up despite today’s move as well. YINN also might benefit from a market move up now, following BRZU’s move today. But mostly, the market needs oil to move up and despite oil up today, the market only was up a fraction. Still needs a little push and Apple didn’t help the cause.

As you can see, no green weekly’s now either side of the market.


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