ETF Trading Research 3/4/2019

This morning one of the first things I wrote was; “any sign of weakness in the markets now worth a short. For example, any ETF short that goes positive today or upend positive this week worth trading now.”  LABD was the first to go from negative to positive followed by TVIX and I tried to guide you along the way taking profit. Hopefully some of you were able to trade them or the more conservative SQQQ and SOXS (at least conservative today).

I walked us through some profit the past few trading days in DUST and said to exit today before it fell.  Neutral on metals for now but watch the dollar. It moves over 97 and metals/miners should continue south. Broke 96.80 today before settling at 96.62 now. It has it in it to do so and push gold down to 1250 or lower if we get a run to 99 or so. That’s what the table below is dictating but today I said be more cautious after the early morning move up and even JNUG might have got you a scalp. From here a tough call but look for what is up and trade it with a trailing stop and if DUST opens lower and then goes positive, it’s a buy with the trailing stop.

Never got to trade nat gas so will wait a bit on any calls there for a better setup. It was up and down today.

While we are holding onto some loser shorts at the moment, we saw a glimpse of what can come in an instant with these shorts. TVIX was up over 12% off the lows today alone. Like to see us hit 2650 and get out of these and get long again for a bigger move up. But we need to break 2764 in /ES. We came close at 2767.50 but we bounced back up the rest of the day. Bulls still in control for now till we see more red in the table below. It will come.





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