ETF Trading Research 5/20/2019

We got out of our trades with good profit today and I think timing wise was good too as TVIX didn’t have it in it to keep going. But we also bought back in half shares and will look to scoop up the other half tomorrow morning with the continued dip. Still see us moving lower in the market rather than selling the half shares at a loss, but still cautious with the short trade overall with the Trump administration as somewhat a loose cannon right now, firing shots at China, Iran and who knows what else is in store.

Futures are up 4.25 to 2848.25 after hours and similar to price action on Sunday. But Monday futures opened down -16 and we profited and like to see us break 2832 tomorrow and profit even more. But it is also Fed week where FOMC minutes come out Wednesday and we have to be extra cautious there too. But not sure what the Fed can do to keep this market propped up with their language or the multiple Fed speakers this week. But they will try.

Silver may be what I focus on tomorrow and make some calls on some miners. Maybe half shares USLV to feel it out. Especially if we get a dip in the morning.


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