ETF Trading Research 7/22/2019

Had to get out of the trades we were in from when I was off last week, just to get back to normal trading. Shouldn’t have been in them and 1. going against the nightly report and 2. not keeping a stop. No excuses. But will get it back.

Gold miners can go either way but outperformed gold overall today. I most likely could have raised the stops a bit but enough is enough. I want to get back to trading again.

Will mark where we sold and look for weakness to short or go long if the market still gives us more to 1380s in gold.

Gold did not break to a new high.

Dollar positive today. But couldn’t get miners to move short like I wanted to continue Friday’s sell off after Thursday’s fake Fed news. Pisses me off that it occurred when I couldn’t do anything about it.

Markets over 2994 go long. Still under for now.

Nat gas looks want to go higher but hard to trust just yet.

Oil did move higher but didn’t really drag the market up much with it.

Big picture markets;

To me the markets are totally irrational, there’s no way that there’s justification for being at all time highs. At some point, the real slowing global situation will come home to roost. The US is the best of the worst, but there are some pretty big things going on in other countries that are not getting any attention in the markets anymore because of Ultra complacency.

Nobody cares that China’s economy has been in massive decline for years now, that Europe is a mess, especially their banking system with Deutsche Bank and Italy in such bad shape. Not to mention Brexit still looming that nobody seems to care about.

But seems markets are irrational; or a better word “Stupid”, god only knows how much farther it can climb before reality sets in!

Gold will benefit from any recession fears should they come but have to fight off Euro weakness (strong dollar) too as well as Brexit.

Both gold and markets can still fall together. If the Fed is doing anything more than .25 then all hell will break loose. Again, to me, it admits defeat before even a sword has been drawn to fight. How the heck can anyone expect the Fed to get things right? But they are still followed by the markets. Sooner or later the markets will be disappointed.

I’ll have the table out later today.




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