ETF Trading Research 11/29/2018

Nice little sell off end of day in most everything, including DGAZ. Sold any longs we had at the right time, even if we didn’t squeeze every penny out of them.

This type of market is hard to trade. We have to realize that. So taking profit on shares sooner is currently the call till we figure out if we are on our way to 2800 or not. I’ll remain in buy the dip mode but will not be afraid to trade TVIX if necessary. Could have got more out of that early trade in it but we did reverse gears and go long. Chose UDOW instead of LABU where we could have profited more to start with, pre-FOMC. But post FOMC just didn’t gain traction.

I am going to start trading both sides of DGAZ and UGAZ because the volatility makes sense we do that. We could have had an easy trade in UGAZ and for once I am looking at the other side of more ETFs. This should improve the results moving forward.


Economic Data For Tomorrow

Stock Market 
We missed holding onto TVIX longer like we should have because I forgot it was in the Cold Corner 3 days. Could have got more out of it. Choppy day where they took us down to start the day then took us back up. Then end of day a little sell off after the FOMC pop.
Our table below has us neutral right now. Will concentrate on LABU and TVIX tomorrow as they were the best movers overall.
Foreign Markets
These ETFs trading with the U.S. market but because they are more thinly traded, concentrating on ETFs that give us better pricing. For now.
Interest Rates
TMV did take over more today as predicted.
Good start for DGAZ today but gave a lot back. There is going to be a cold winter from what I can tell so will begin trading UGAZ more when necessary. We can get some 2% to 3% or more runs in each every day and this strategy can turn out well for us.
December 6th OPEC meeting is all that matters now for oil. Oil did well today overall. GUSH we could have held on for more and will buy in the morning at the ope if it opens higher or if lower once it goes higher. Automatically you’ll receive notice. This is a new aspect to trading I have implemented that we’ll start using.
Precious Metals and Mining
Metals finally gave up and we need to look to JDST and DUST possibly for a move tomorrow.

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