ETF Trading Research 3/13/2019

As of now with more long the market signals in TQQQ and UWT with the bullish oil data, we are setting our sights on 2850 for /ES and 60 in oil to load up short. This means there can be some moves up off of any pullbacks that are “news” related. Data doesn’t matter, only momentum right now. Once we hit 2850, then we can finally get a bigger ride lower to profit from, including oil.

Gold is kind of toppy but couldn’t quite get going lower today. DUST and JDST did show signs of life today though and we were about flat on our trades and will see if we can’t get the momentum going tomorrow.

Nat gas if we can get any move up we’ll most likely short it tomorrow with DGAZ, hopefully close to 90, so if you see it pre-market around 90 it may pay off well for us.



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