ETF Trading Research 7/14/2019

Today I had the bullish cap on and tried a couple longs and didn’t see any movement and went short and again no movement. Didn’t go big with no real conviction on the downside. But either way we slice it, from 3050 area or now, markets are ready for a reversal. TVIX should always be traded if it is positive for the day or goes positive. And if you see it gain momentum, other short the market ETFs too. But as much as I wanted to hold on to the shares short, the smart thing to do since there were no new sells is go home flat, so we took the small losses.

JDST and DUST we had a 3% plus profit at one point and should have lightened up there by selling half shares but held out for more. I did give an indication to think about selling with such a tight market and no runners of late, but didn’t get the bigger move. Market makers had their way today in a range bound market.

Low volume day on some shares too. Traders seem hesitant to commit with speculation that earnings will be coming in worse than expected.

Nat gas we managed to trade for almost 2% there to help out the day.

I expect this kind of choppiness into the Fed and some light trading.

DUST and DWT should be in buy the dip mode if we are going to fall tomorrow and DGAZ too. UWT, GUSH and UGAZ all went to sells.


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